There's No Place Like Home

Centex seeks out the most desirable areas of the country in which to build communities. You’ll find everything you need here to make an informed decision about where to live next, from information on the region to specific information on the community.

Centex Communities in the Midwest

The Midwest region of the country is known for solid Midwestern values. Centex communities are family-friendly, built in desirable locations with access to quality schools, shopping, dining and all of the other amenities that provide convenience. Centex residents in the Midwest enjoy the wide variety of recreational activities that the 4-seasons climate allows. Midwesterners are notorious sports fans, and there are many professional sports franchises to support. Centex residents in the Midwest enjoy the abundant natural resources found in this region, including spectacular fall colors.

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Centex Communities in the Northeast

Centex residents in the Northeast enjoy all of the stunning natural resources of the area, yet are just a train ride away from major cities like New York and Washington D.C. The Northeast Corridor is home to many professional sports franchises, several universities and desirable school districts. Centex communities are family-friendly, conveniently located near restaurants, shopping, entertainment and cultural venues. The mountains and national parks nearby offer a wide range of outdoor and recreational activities for all four seasons. The Northeast is a growing wine region and one of the favorites among “foodies”. Convenient access to several major airports and transportation hubs makes travel in the Northeast a breeze.

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Centex Communities in the South

Year-round warm weather and a relaxed resort lifestyle – what’s not to like? Major transportation channels and quality school systems are important to Centex residents and our communities are built with this in mind. Centex communities are family-friendly, built in desirable locations and convenient to restaurants, shopping, medical facilities and more. In addition to the Southern Hospitality, Centex residents enjoy pristine beaches, beautiful lakes, parks, gardens and the many golf courses found in this region. 

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Centex Communities in Florida

Centex residents in Florida enjoy a relaxed, slower-paced lifestyle. Centex communities are built in desirable locations with quality school districts, close to all of the necessary services and amenities. Because Centex communities are built near major transportation hubs, commuting to work or visiting the many beaches, golf courses or other attractions that the Sunshine State offers is effortless. Florida is home to many major league sports teams and Spring Training camps as well as a wide variety of outdoor art and music festivals, offering something for everyone all year. 

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Centex Communities in Texas

Centex new construction communities in Texas are located near major metropolitan areas known for highly rated school districts, easy access to transportation channels, and abundant recreational activities. New home builders are attracted to the Lone Star state by the strong economy, the many Fortune 500 companies based in Texas, and the lack of state income tax.  Texas is home to four of the top ten fastest-growing cities in the country due to abundant jobs, lower cost of living, warm climate, and family-friendly atmosphere. Centex communities in Texas take advantage of all the state has to offer, while using quality construction methods and smart design to build your new home to stand the test of time. Selecting the affordable and functional Centex Home of your choice in the great state of Texas will always be a winning combination. 

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Centex Communities in West

The Western U.S. is home to many historic areas, landmarks, trails and neighborhoods to explore in addition to many nearby cities. Convenient major transportation channels provide an easy commute to major metropolitan areas for employment opportunities and entertainment purposes. Centex communities are family-friendly, built in desirable locations and convenient to quality school districts. Our neighborhoods are also convenient to several dining options, shopping and entertainment experiences as well as a wealth of outdoor recreational activities that the warm climate allows. The Western region is famous for the miles and miles of coastline in some areas as well as foothills and mountains in others for Centex residents to enjoy.

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