Frequently Asked Questions about Home Buying

General Questions

Can I get a list of Centex customer references?

Most of our Centex sales offices have customer references on hand for your review.

How often does Centex open new communities?

Centex builds communities in multiple markets across the United States. The number of communities open for sale in each market depends on local market conditions and the size of our operations in that area.

How quickly can I move into a Centex community?

Some Centex communities offer an inventory of completed homes built specifically for people who want a "quick move-in." However, if you prefer to build your home, your Centex team will work with you through the entire homebuilding process–from lot selection through foundation work through construction. The timing of the building process varies, depending on your community's construction schedule, municipal factors, time of year, etc.

I'm interested in a Centex home. What should I do next?

First, we invite you to visit our interactive map to see more details about the types of homes and communities we offer in your areas of interest. Each community page includes contact information to help you get in touch with that community's sales and management team. As you browse through the community and plan pages, you'll see the quality and value that has made Centex one of the nation's leading homebuilders.

Where are you building new communities?

The location for new communities varies based on local market conditions and available land. All new communities will be presented by market. Check the market of your choice for details.

Should I choose a home design or the lot first?

Your community sales consultant can help you best with the process, however, it is usually easier to choose which new home design you like first and then move to lot selection. Different communities offer different home designs and it is important to know which one you desire before deciding which lot works best for you and the home design you've chosen.

Home Selection

Can I customize my home from top to bottom?

Homebuyers will find many opportunities to customize the look and feel of their new Centex home. Your Centex sales consultant will work with you through the selection process to ensure that the final product is the home of your dreams.

Once I choose a floor plan, do I have other options?

Yes! There are several other options that are available to you to personalize your home. At time of contract, you will be asked to make your structural selections. These are items that will affect how your home is constructed, such as room extensions, fireplaces, and ceiling vaults. Shortly after that, you will have the opportunity to make many color and interior selections. A sales professional will be there to support you throughout the process.

Building & Construction

Are new homes built better than older homes?

Data from the National Association of Home Builders suggest that one of the benefits of choosing new home construction is the focus on energy efficiency. Many advances in materials like windows, heating and cooling equipment, insulation, and sealing techniques, mean that new homes consume roughly half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. In addition to your family's comfort, this translates into energy savings for you and environmental sustainability.

What if I'm unhappy with my home upon completion?

We back what we build with a new home warranty that is among the best in the industry and will do our best to ensure your home is built as specified and in proper working order. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Where can I find information about the home building industry and more information about Centex?

The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) is a reputable third party source for valuable information regarding the homebuilding industry.

Where can I find information about the materials that Centex uses to build new homes?

Centex partners with some of the building industry's most reputable suppliers and vendors, including Whirlpool, Boise Cascade wood products, Sherwin Williams, Moen, Kohler, and Dow, just to name a few. A sales consultant in the community will be able to give you more information about the products and materials used for your home.


What is the starting price of a Centex home?

The starting price of a Centex home will vary by community. See your community of choice for details.

Are the prices of Centex homes negotiable?

We do our best to make pricing reasonable and transparent to our customers. Our local sales consultants will be happy to discuss pricing details and work with you to reach a mutual agreement on a new home.

Active Adult Communities

What is an active adult community?

An active adult community is age restricted to persons age 55 or better and caters to people interested in being surrounded by people in the same stage of life.

Can my kids live at active adult communities?

Friends and family are always welcome to visit our residents. However, generally in accordance with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions at our active adult communities, children under the age of 19 cannot reside in the community for longer than 90 days in any 12-month period. Check with a sales associate at the community in which you are interested to see if this restriction applies.

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